This year the A1s have created unique opportunities for all actors. We are pleased to welcome several guest artists who will be conducting FREE seminars on taxes for actors, budgeting for actors, to join or not join the union, agent question and answer sessions and more.

For college actors we've added FREE seminars on survival jobs, moving to NYC, ECCs, EPAs, and open calls, joining the union, and Q and As with actors from your school who've moved to NYC and found success.

College actors will also have the opportunity to sign up for workshops for a nominal charge. These include workshops with casting directors, choreographers, and resident directors of current Broadway shows.

College juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to sign up for a seminar to sing for and receive feedback from several top agents. This is an excellent opportunity to meet agents before moving to the city, and try out pieces you're considering for your upcoming showcase. See if you're being shown in the best and most marketable light and get feedback on how to put your best foot forward.

YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR BOTH FREE AND PAID WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS. These will operate on a first-come and first-served basis and space is extremely limited. Please check back for sign-up information. To receive a list of those offering workshops and seminars, please shoot us an e-mail at

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