What is the All in One Conference?
How can I apply for the All in One Conference?
How old do you have to be to audition?
Is this just for college students?
If I'm a member of Actor's Equity Association, can I register?
What is the deadline to apply?
What companies are attending the All in One Conference?
Do you need me to send you hardcopies of my headshot and resume like Strawhat?
Can I make changes to my application once I've submitted it?
When will I hear if I have an appointment time?
What happens if I miss my pre-screen and don't notify the A1s beforehand?
I didn't get an audition time. Why?
Will I get a refund if I am not picked for an appointment time/audition slot?
Will I get refunded if I am selected for an audition slot and unable to attend?
I applied for the A1s and paid the fees, but I didn't send my pre-screen in on time. Do I still get refunded?
Can I give my appointment time to someone else?
Can I change my audition appointment time?
Can I just show up and hope to be seen as a stand-by?
Do I have to dance?
Do I have to be there for any other days?
What do I wear?
How do I contact someone from your office?
Is anything provided on audition day?
Who are the audition day coaches?
What style will the dance be?
How many songs can I sing in my audition?
Can I do a monologue?
Can I bring my own accompanist?
Will I have a chance to rehearse my pieces?
What do I need to bring?
I'm a dancer. Can I dance first?

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